Selecting the Perfect Pair of Glasses

Choosing the perfect pair of glasses Health Hub Fortitude Valley

Choosing the right glasses is paramount, not only for vision correction but also for enhancing your appearance and style. The Health Hub in Fortitude Valley is your go-to destination for finding the best pair to suit your unique needs and style. This blog article will help you understand how to choose glasses and what to expect in your optical appointment.

Identifying Your Face Shape

We used to say that face shape was important in selecting the right style of glasses, be that round face, square face, oval or heart shaped face.

Fashion trends in eyewear have evolved significantly since that era, focusing more on the desired aesthetic you aim to achieve with your glasses. Do you seek a style that contrasts with your facial features or one that harmonises with them? The choice of colour, shape, material, and thickness of the frame all play a role in shaping the desired look.

However, don’t feel overwhelmed by the multitude of options available. Your unique style will naturally shine through, and our skilled and trained professionals will assist you in achieving your desired look.

Technical Considerations for the Perfect Fit

Beyond aesthetics, several technical considerations need addressing when selecting glasses. These factors encompass the temple length, bridge, frame height, and face width, ensuring that your glasses remain secure, positioned optimally, and allowing you to utilise the most effective part of your lens.

  1. Temple Length: Ensure enough length on the arm of the frame, so the glasses fit snugly over your ears and can gently hold the frame in place.
  2. Bridge Sitting: The bridge should sit comfortably on your nose, to avoid slipping or movement during daily wear.
  3. Frame Height: It should provide sufficient room within the lens to ensure you have a clear view through the most optimal section of the lens, typically we want to see a minimum of 10mm of lens above your pupil.
  4. Width of Face: The frame width should correspond with the width of your face without being too tight or too loose, so that the frame is not stretched or pinched when wearing.

What to Expect During Your Optical Appointment at the Health Hub

When you visit the Health Hub, expect a seamless experience in choosing glasses that best suit you. Our knowledgeable dispensers will assist you in exploring various frame options, and trying on different styles until you find the perfect pair. They will also make necessary adjustments and ensure the glasses fit well and meet your vision correction needs.

With the expert guidance from our dispensers and an array of styles to choose from, finding the perfect pair of glasses at the Health Hub becomes a delightful experience.


Choosing the right glasses involves a blend of fashion sense, personal style, and technical considerations. The Health Hub in Fortitude Valley is committed to offering personalised solutions to help you find glasses that enhance your look and improve your vision.

Visit us today and embrace a clearer, more stylish world with the perfect pair of glasses! To book an appointment at the Health Hub click here or call us on 1300 709 076.


This blog article was supported by AI generation and should not be relied on as specific medical or professional advice. For personal advice, please consult with your healthcare professional.