Helping rediscover the sounds of life.

Our independent audiologist is committed to reconnecting you with your loved ones, so you never miss the precious sounds in your life.

Employing various testing strategies, Tracy aims to determine whether you can hear within the normal range, and if not, which portions of hearing are affected and to what degree. If she determines that a hearing loss is present and impacting on your communications, she will provide recommendations from all major brands of hearing devices.


Services and treatments

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Hearing loss is surprisingly common with 1 in 6 Australians having some type of hearing loss.

There are two common types of hearing loss which are conductive and sensorineural.

Conductive hearing loss is caused by obstructions or malfunctions in the outer or middle ear. It can be caused by middle ear infections and malfunctions, damaged ear drum and impacted ear wax. Sensorineural is caused by damage to the hair cells in the inner ear. It can also be caused by exposure to loud noise or aging.

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We offer a comprehensive range of products and services to assist with all hearing and communication needs which include:

  • Hearing assessments for adults
  • Hearing aid assessment and fittings
  • Training on listening and communication skills
  • Hearing aid care and maintenance

Hearing aids help by making speech louder and clearer. Tracy will work with you to determine the hearing aid technology best for you based on your individual preferences and lifestyle needs.

Frequently asked questions

What should I bring to my appointment?

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For your first visit, it is a good idea to bring any relevant medical reports you may have and a list of questions!

What will happen during my first appointment?

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In order to assess your hearing, our audiologist will play a series of pure whistling tones and all you will need to do is to press a buzzer when you can hear them. From this hearing test, she will be able to tell you:

  • Hearing capacity in each ear
  • How well you hear the loudness and pitch of different sounds
  • The impact your hearing has on your communication

Questions are always welcome and the best time to ask is during your appointment.

What are the days of consultation?

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Thursday and Friday

Meet our audiologist

Tracy Ong B (Psy), MSpEd, Maud, MAudSA

Tracy uses a client-centred approach to develop individually tailored hearing aid solutions for her clients’ needs and lifestyle. She focuses on providing the highest level of care.

She enjoys working with every one of her clients to understand their hearing difficulties and to find the best solution for their hearing and lifestyle needs without spending a fortune.