Physio treatment for back pain relief

woman with back pain in need of physiotherapy

Are you experiencing back pain and struggling to move around? Come see the team at Health Hub Physio, located in Fortitude Valley.

North West Physiotherapy, who is now providing physiotherapy services at the Health Hub, is here to help treat your pain and achieve the results you need to make a full recovery.

Our principal physiotherapist, Roger McIntosh, explains how we can help you through back pain and the best ways to treat it.

How does physiotherapy treat back pain?

At your physiotherapist appointment, we will conduct a thorough physical assessment to determine the severity and duration of your condition. Our physios use a variety of techniques to treat back pain, including massage, joint mobilization, muscle stretches, exercises, and heat therapy. We will provide you with advice on what to do at home, including a specific physio program designed to aid your treatment.

While our treatment provides immediate relief for your pain, we prioritise preventing any future recurrences of your condition.

Long terms solutions – Tailoring a treatment plan for back pain

The severity and duration of your condition will determine the number of treatment sessions required.

Your physiotherapist will develop a personalised treatment plan that aligns with your goals. Our aim is to identify a long-term solution to your issue, which may involve adjusting your posture or workstation set-up, implementing a simple home exercise program or even one of our group physio classes.

Regardless of your issue, we will guide you through the entire process.

Short term solutions – Providing pain relief

Immediate relief from pain is critical, and we offer a wide range of techniques and products to assist you. We avoid performing harsh joint manipulations as they can be harmful in both the short and long term and may be dangerous in some situations.

Instead, we employ massage and stretches to alleviate joint pressure in a way that produces long-lasting results. We also have a variety of products, such as creams, self-massage devices, and hot packs, for home use.

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