Do I need special shoes to fit my orthotics? 

feet in red flats on wooden floor

Is this a question that holds you back from considering orthotics to treat your foot or lower limb concerns? You’re not alone.

Many people think they need to buy expensive “orthotic-friendly shoes” to be able to wear an orthotic device. Others believe they’ll need to wear enclosed shoes all the time, even in summer.

While different orthotic devices may be required to fit specific shoes (e.g. football boots, high heels etc), the good news is that many “ordinary” shoes are compatible with orthotics even if they’re not marketed as “orthotic-friendly”.

Here’s where your podiatrist comes in.

At Instep Podiatry at the Health Hub, our experienced podiatrists can prescribe wearable “shoe friendly orthotics” that provide both fashion and function.

First, they consider your preferred footwear during prescription process and provide advice about what to look for in existing and new shoes to get the most out of wearing orthotics. They can advise on orthotics for less commonly considered shoes such as sandals and dress flats.

Our orthotics sit under your heel up to the ball of your foot, not full length, so they can be worn in shoes of different lengths or shapes. They’re made from materials that are light yet supportive and are semi- flexible. This means the same device can be worn in flat shoes and shoes with a moderate heel.


How can you help your podiatrist help you?


  1. Tell your podiatrist about the types of shoes you would like to wear with your orthotics
  2. Bring in some examples of your footwear to your initial appointment(s)
  3. Take your orthotics with you when shopping for new shoes and try them in store
  4. If in doubt about whether a particular shoe type or style is suitable for your orthotics, ask your podiatrist

Are you ready to put your best foot forward in fashion and comfort this summer? Make an appointment to see the friendly team at Instep Podiatry at the Health Hub today.

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