Brushing with Oral B Oscillation changes the life of your teeth.

Oral B power brush used on female teeth

How healthy are your teeth?

As a Hygienist for may years I have seen how the Oral B oscillation power toothbrush has changed the course of people’s oral health. Gum disease and decay rates reduce dramatically in many cases when used with a good technique, twice a day.

When I first started as a dental hygienist many of my patients would tell me that they were brushing and flossing their teeth a least twice a day. No matter how many times they brushed their teeth they would complain about bleeding gums or their teeth still feeling fury after brushing. Something wasn’t right. Was it the Brush they were using or how they were using it? Was the brush old? Was the patient unable to reach all areas in the mouth?

Bleeding gums is a sign of infection.  In the mouth I would see the gums red, rolled swollen. They would bleed as soon as they were touched. Soft and hard deposits of plaque and calculus would be generalised around the gums and the backs of teeth. It was because the brush had been used ineffectively. Manual and sonic brushing relies heavily on a person’s dexterity and the shape and position of their teeth and how they position the brush to tooth and gum lines. Manual or sonic brushes often do not removed plaque effectively or well enough as they are incredibly difficult for many people to manoeuvre around the backs of teeth so plaque easily builds up. I would tell my patients that I understood they were trying hard and doing their best. They were conscientious about the health of their mouth however the tool was letting them down.

The Oral B oscillating electric toothbrush

The mouth is a complex environment. It’s wet, warm and a great place for hundreds of bacteria to thrive. The saliva in the mouth is nutrient rich which feeds the bacteria. The food and drinks we consume are often made up of sugars and simple starches which also helps speeds up the growth of plaque on the teeth. Plaque bacteria are microscopic yet extremely sticky and grow all over our teeth and gums surfaces, layering as time goes by until we can see them as white films that can be scraped off with finger nail or scaler. Manual brushes often do not get around the tiny cervices or curvatures of the teeth efficiently. Plaque accumulates in these sites and overwhelms the immune system and infection begins to take hold. Often the gums will bleed when they are touched or lightly brushed which is the first sign of infection. This is termed Gum Disease or Gingivitis. These terms are describing the fact that the gum tissues are being painlessly destroyed by the plaque and in many cases even the jaw bone which will not grow back.

I have always regarded the Oral B oscillating electric toothbrush as the best tool on the market for over 20 years. The oscillating-rotating-pulsating technology in the brush heads loosens the plaque and the oscillation action rotates to sweep the plaque away. When the head of the brush is placed to the tooth and gum line with moderate to firm pressure the bristles splay and engulfs the curvature of each tooth thoroughly. This brush reaches small crevices and easily gains access to tiny nocks and crannies around each tooth massaging the gums and removing plaque bacteria much more efficiently than a manual. Young children and adults and those with limited dexterity can use this brush well with minimal instruction.

In a few days of use this brush notably improves the health of the mouth. Gum tissues start returning to a pink healthy colour and the contour of the gums are nice and uniform. The power of oscillation transforms the health of the mouth in a surprisingly short time. As a hygienist I have seen countless cases of poor oral health change within days with correct use of Oral B oscillation.

Backed by research

There has been countless studies and independent research done over the years to prove that the Oral B oscillation technology works to reduce plaque and gingivitis more than any other brush on the market. It does not replace flossing or cleaning between teeth or the need for regular scale and cleans with a dental profession but used well Oral B oscillation can dramatically improve the oral health of the mouth.

Article by: Vivienne Bidaud


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