Can dry eyes be cured?

person wearing beanie and shawl drinking from water bottle

Photo by Autri Taheri on Unsplash

‘Dry eye’ is an eye condition caused by the tear glands not working properly. The glands do not produce enough tears to keep the eye moist which results in the condition. Dryness is made worse by air conditioning, driving or other environmental conditions that increase the evaporation of tears from the eyes.

The symptoms which include itching, burning, soreness, grittiness and red eyes can be treated by using artificial tear drops to build up the tears of your eyes. Eye drops may help remove the eye discomfort caused by the dryness, however they will not fix tear glands that are not working properly.

You might be more at risk of developing dry eyes if you:

  • Are over 40 years of age and female;
  • have arthritis;
  • have had prior eye surgery;
  • have uneven corneal surfaces (i.e. patients with pterygiums).

The list above should just be used as a guide, it does not replace the advice of your health care professional.

Book an appointment with our optometrists at the Health Hub if you suspect you are suffering from dry eye. They will examine the condition of the tears that moisten the eye and advise you on the most suitable artificial eye drop to meet your needs. Our eye testing is bulk billed to Medicare (Medicare conditions apply).