What can I expect when I have my first appointment?

Before your appointment, you need to complete a medical history form, which you will receive when you check in (excluding optometry and audiology).

Physiotherapy: Initially the therapist will ask a number of questions and allow you to describe the symptoms in as much detail as possible for a subjective examination. Next, the therapist will examine you physically so it is important you wear suitable clothing. Following the assessment, the therapist will discuss their findings, cause of the problem and a treatment plan. The therapist will then start the treatment for your condition and give you a home exercise program to assist your recovery.

Massage: The therapist begins by asking general questions to establish what areas you would like worked on, if there are any conditions to address, and will then determine if massage is appropriate for you. The therapist may evaluate your condition and see if you have any pressing complaints. Massage therapists are not legally permitted to diagnose specific problems; this should be done by your GP or physiotherapist.