How do I adjust to multifocal lenses?

Getting used to a new pair of multifocal lenses sometimes takes time to adjust to, especially if this is your first pair.

Here are some tips that may help make it easier for you:

  • Wear your new glasses as much as possible. This will encourage your eyes to adapt to your new lenses.
  • If difficult to wear initially, try wearing the new glasses at home in a comfortable and familiar environment to help build confidence.
  • Try not to switch back to your old glasses. This can affect the progress you have made with your new multifocals.
  • Move your head when looking around, not just your eyes. Point your nose to where you want to see as the centre of a multifocal lens is the clearest.
  • If after 2 weeks, you are still having trouble adapting to your multifocal glasses, please return to the Health Hub where our staff will be more than happy to help find a solution.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we are here to help.