Vivienne Bidaud: Dental Hygienist

Vivienne Bidaud was born in New ZealandĀ  and began her dental career as a dental assistant. She has worked in general, cosmetic and orthodontic practices in both New Zealand and the United kingdom.

She graduated from Melbourne University in 1997 with a Diploma in Oral Health Therapy /Dental Hygiene. Since then she has provided may hours of oral health promotion to the very young and to those with special needs in our community. In 2005 Vivienne participated as a supervisor of the BOH students at Queensland University. She has worked closely with periodontists in private practice to extend her skills and gain a wider understanding in periodontal disease.

After 15 years of practice with over 10 years with TUH, she is still passionate and focused in providing education, preventive treatments and maintenance to her patients.

When she is not working, she enjoys her time with her husband and beautiful daughter somewhere near water, cycling, walking or fly fishing.